Angela Parchetta is an award winning singer, songwriter and choral director in Raleigh, NC.

Angela Parchetta is a licensed music educator and pop singer songwriter in Raleigh, NC. Originally from upstate New York, Angela's musical journey began at 4-years-old when her mother signed her up for private voice lessons. It carried on through her teenage years when she started writing and performing her own original songs. Wanting to foster the love of music in future generations, she graduated cum laude from Duquesne University (Pittsburgh, PA) with a Bachelor of Science in Music Education in 2015.  

Since then, Angela has spent the better half of a decade in the public middle school classroom building and running multiple award winning choral programs. She is known for her creative, unique teaching style that inspires self sufficiency while also focusing on relationships. “Learning is about making mistakes and then regrouping so you don't make them again. That can be really scary, especially when it comes to singing,” Angela said when explaining how she developed this teaching style, “You need to have a relationship of mutual respect with them and in turn they need to have it with each other. They have to know that everything you say and do is in their best interest.”   

Angela brings these same skills and attributes into her other passion: songwriting. She uses writing as a way to understand and document her life, while hopefully helping others make sense of theirs. “Whenever I write something, I think about my students,” She says, “What do I want them to know? What do I wish someone told me when I was their age?”   

Angela’s first singles, “Cursed by Me” and “Through with You” were released in 2018, and her first EP, “Not Another Love Story,” debuted later that year. Her sound draws inspiration from pop powerhouses like Carly Rae Jepsen and Taylor Swift. Her songs are anthems of the trials and tribulations of life, love and finding the strength to move on and thrive.  Her first full length album entitled "Hindsight" released in March 2020 featuring eight original songs that document some of the most important moments in Parchetta's life.  

Angela “created another beautifully intricate melody” (Alfitude, 2021) in her most recent single, “Trust Issues”

Of the song, Cheers to the Vikings said, “Charmingly pure vocals on top of original and beautifully written lyrics.” Affinity Ascension said “This song is very deep in both the beat and the vocals, very well written lyrics, it is gold all around on that aspect. I was mesmerized by how well the beat progresses and hits harder progressively, it works very well with the vocals and brings a very epic feeling into the mix.” Trust Issues can be found on all streaming platforms and is available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon and bandcamp.  

She now has over 1.1k subscribers on YouTube and 1.5k on Instagram.    

In her spare time, Angela enjoys drinking coffee and playing with her dog Mia. In January 2022, she will be relocating to Nashville, TN where she will continue developing her songwriting and performance career.

recognition & reviews

Spring 2020, SONG: Tell Me

Spring 2020, SONG: Tell Me

Parchetta’s frank lyrics about anxiety and “the self confidence battle within songwriters and the thick skin needed when trying to make it” showcase her as an apt a lyricist as a hook writer ”

Adam Morgan, Surviving the Golden Age

The soft vocals of Angela Parchetta set off this Electro Pop track that feels like summer with just a hint of a melancholic undercurrent. ”

Travis Erwin (LA on Lock Blogger)

SONG: Tell Me

SONG: Tell Me

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